Dionisis Livanis, organiser of the annual International Exhibition “Ten Images for Ithaca”, asked us and Phil Baines to lead workshops focusing on design and the creative process. Pi6 workshop focused on "labels", which was the wider subject of the Exhibition. The 13 participants, designers and architects from various places of the world, had to create two posters (without the use of computer print outs): one about themselves and one about another participant, whom they had just met. The result of the workshop was some extraordinary and impressive posters.

Beyza Uçak, Turkey
Christin Bacher, Austria
Georgina Remoundou, Greece
Howard, USA
Ioannis Markakis, Greece
Ka Kee (Christie) Leung, Hong Kong
Konstantinos Trichas, Greece
Margarita Kotsilini, Greece
Petros Lazaridis, Greece
Sahar Eshghisani, Iran
Stavros Bilionis, Greece
Stavroula Vasileiou, Greece
Tommaso Taraschi, Italy

Design Walk 2008 – Exhibition

Participation in the Design walk 2008 in collaboration with the german design studio Human Empire.

I am from athens
Athens isn't just the Acropolis. It’s an eastern/western city with controversy and energy. A harsh yet humane city, which is changing, developing, improving, progressing. Through graphic design and illustration, a different aesthetic that is hidden in the urban background is exhibited. If you find it and love it, others will follow…

Texts: Panagiotis Menegos
We thank PRAKSIS and everyone taking part in the photo shoot of New Athenians