Participation in Design Walk 2010
In the framework of the wider subject Poles Apart, pi6 presented the exhibition Symbolic vs Literal, looking into the literal and the metaphorical associations that the cliché symbol of the Heart brings with it. Having graphic design as a vehicle, we explored, elaborated and brought down all these associations of the Heart by creating 6 unique brochures; A brochure showing the evolution of the heart symbol, a brochure with love song lyrics, a flipbook shaping a perfect symmetrical heart symbol by using a mathematical equation, a map of the human circulatory system, cook recipes book for delicious "hearts" and last but not least, a brochure-game based on animal hearts.  

_ AIGA – association for design 
_ Eye magazine blog 
_ Dazed digital 

_ Awarded by the EBGE Awards 2011 in the category Self Initiated Project.