Zampple is a unique consumers' club in Greece, where members can try for free all the new products and services – usually before their official market release – and give feedback about them. The communicational goal of the new zampple identity was to highlight the brand's uniqueness and to recognize zampple as an innovative project that offers services beyond any imagination. This was accomplished through a communicational storytelling concept, where famous and established stories were challenged visually, in order to provoke consumers' surprise and interest. 

_ What if Snow White told her opinion about the apple she tasted?
_ What if Adam and Eve could taste as many apples as they wanted?
_ What if you could be a member in the Hesperides garden with the golden apples?
_ What if Newton had more than one reasons to get inspired?
_ Imagine how happy would everyone be if Eris offered more than one apple!

Illustration by Noni Nezi