2018 > Ermis Awards. Merit. Made in Greece exhibition logotype
2017 > EBGE Awards. Merit. Lignos corporate brochure
2015EBGE Awards. 1st prize. Bone-a-Pet-Treat logotype
2015 > Labela - Greek Label Awards. Bronze. Product labels, Filion - A Journey of Taste
2015 > German Design Awards. Nomination. Achilles' Heel packaging
2015 > BICeBé Biennial of Poster Bolivia. Distinction . Miss Catalina poster
2014EBGE Awards. Merit. Design Walk 2012 exhibition catalogue
2014 > Golden Bee – Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design. Distinction. Taking a Walk In Greek Graphic Design
2014 > Golden Bee – Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design. Distinction.  Miss Catalina poster
2014 > European Design Awards. Bronze award. Achilles' Heel packaging
2014 > European Design Awards. Finalist. German Sports Hall of Fame exhibition design
2012EBGE Awards. 1st prize. 2 Films for Athens poster
2012 > EBGE Awards. Merit. Corporate identity of Heel - Athens Lab
2012 > EBGE Awards. Merit. Logotype of the support scheme of the Benaki Museum
2012 > Trnava Poster Triennial. Distinction. Design Walk 2012 poster
2012 > International Poster Biennial Mexico. Distinction. Design Walk 2012 poster
2012 > Golden Bee – Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design Distinction. Design Walk 2012 poster
2012 > International Poster Biennale Warsaw. Distinction. Design Walk 2012 poster
2011EBGE Awards. 1st prize. Japanese Speech Constest poster
2011 > EBGE Awards. 1st prize. Consumers Guide, Greenpeace (unpublished projects)
2011 > EBGE Awards. 1st prize. Symbolic vs Literal, Designwalk 2010
2010 > Chicago International Poster Biennial. Distinction. EEEOOO Greek Renaissance  poster
2010 >Chicago International Poster Biennial. Distinction. 30th Japanese Speech Contest poster
2010 > German Design Awards. Nomination: Design Walk 2008 catalogue 
2010 > German Design Awards. Nomination: EEEOOO Greek Renaissance poster
2009 > IF Communication Design Award. For Design Walk 2008 catalogue
2009 > European Design Awards. Bronze. EEE OOO Greek Renaissance
2008 > EBGE Awards. 1st prize . Design Walk 2008 programme
2008 > EBGE Awards. Finalist. Days of German Culture programme, Goethe-Institut
2008 > EBGE Awards. Finalist. Annual Action Report of N.G.O Praksis
2008 > EBGE Awards. Finalist. pi6 sketchbook
2008 > International Poster Biennale Warsaw. Distinction. Days of German Culture poster, Goethe-Institut
2008 > European Design Awards. Finalist. Design Walk 2008 poster
2007EBGE Awards. Merit. "Want to play?", H.A.F.G.
2006EBGE Awards. Finalist. Printed material Guiding Everywhere, H.A.F.G.
2006 > EBGE Awards. Finalist. Ideas make the world go around, Medline
2005EBGE Awards. Merit. Pi6 corporate identity